Small Schools Concert

Torres Strait song and dance

On the surface, childhood games seem like pure fun — but they are also an important record of who we are and where we come from. From spinning tops to string figures, this wildly entertaining and colourfully costumed ensemble show how culture and history are passed on through singing and dancing. By comparing their own childhood games to those from the remote Torres Strait, students come to understand the importance of traditions, and to be thankful to those who teach them.

Schools with less than 150 students are invited to register for this concert, presented by Musica Viva in Schools in conjunction with NAISDA Dance College, as well as access Musica Viva’s accompanying resources. This is offered at the heavily reduced price of only $4 per student.

Interested schools should complete the Musica Viva in Schools Booking Form.

More information about how this concert links to learning areas of the Australian Curriculum can be found at musicaviva.com.au.

BOOKINGS OPEN 17 APRIL - please contact the Office for more information