Student of the Month



Felix Dooley

Felix attends one of our Early Childhood Music classes with Yvie Povea-Roworth. Felix is an enthusiastic student who always tries his best. Yvie is encouraged and pleased to see him singing, playing and moving to their activities and enjoy music making! Yvie says, "he is a joy to teach".



Thomas Keighley

Thomas Keighley

Thomas is a guitar student of James Craswell and has been learning the guitar at the Conservatorium for 4 years.

Currently in Year 9 at Peel High School, he has been performing in a number of groups on bass and guitar, as well as assisting with HSC performances. He is a versatile performer and is never shy to take on new challenges.



Augustine Mundele-Turner

Augustine Mundele-Turner

Augustine is an advanced violin student of Samara Redman and has been learning the violin at the Conservatorium for 7 years. She is currently the leader of the Regional Youth Orchestra.

In February, Augustine performed in our Staff and Friends Concert at the Capitol Theatre. She not only rehearsed and performed with the Staff and Friends Orchestra for two items but also stepped in at the last minute to perform as part of a duo.

Thank you, Augustine, for your beautiful performance and for being so generous with your time.